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Technology Competition Award Winners

Among the many innovations and advances made in the industry this award goes to the most significant new technology having an impact on the converting industry or the consuming market.

Coating/Laminating Equipment/Accessories

Menges Roller Co., Inc.

Menges Process for Seamless Roller Coverings

Menges Process for Seamless Roller Coverings

The Menges Process for Seamless Roller Coverings from Menges Roller Co., Inc., Wauconda, Illinois, earned finalist status in the Coating/Laminating Equipment/Accessories Category. Instead of traditional rubber extrusion, Menges relies on a proprietary compounding and application process that crosslinks the rubber after it’s applied. The technology eliminates problems with rubber memory that can cause variations too small to see with the naked eye but sufficient to cause inconsistencies in roller performance. Designed for any application that uses rollers, the Process for Seamless Roller Coverings technology offers the potential to improve the output of coating, laminating, film manufacturing, and metallizing lines. The elimination of roller imperfections minimizes film finish irregularity problems like gloss and haze and reduces rejected material and waste. Fewer roller flaws mean fewer roll changes and associated downtime as well as lower roller and plant maintenance costs.

Judges Comments

Noting that roller surface has a direct bearing on product quality, the judges believe the Menges Process for Seamless Roller Coverings will prevent many roll defects. It also has broad application since virtually any web-handling machine could benefit.

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