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May 01, 2015
Welcome New Member - Precision Die Systems Corporation

Precision Die Systems Corp. supplies and manufactures slot coating dies and equipment to industrial processors of web-based...

Apr 23, 2015
Welcome New Member - Chiripal Poly Films Ltd.

CHIRIPAL POLY FILMS LTD., India's one of the leading Manufacturer of Bopp Films.The company is a part of Ahmedabad based multi-faceted...

Apr 14, 2015
Welcome New Member - Delta ModTech

Delta ModTech® offers innovative solutions for converting and packaging a variety of complex medical, pharmaceutical, label,...

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Newest Inquiries

May 01, 2015
We are looking for toll vendors who could laminate wood veneer (approx. 0.020 – 0.030” thick) to sheets of aluminum (0.040 – 0.060” thick). The dimensions of the final product would range from...

Apr 30, 2015
Who offers flame retardant adhesives?

Apr 30, 2015
Provider of thin protective (cover, blanket, or jacket )for gravure rollers while installing into press

Technical Resources

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Recent Posts

Mar 25, 2015
Re: Metallized / Vacuum Coated Films, Papers, etc.
It will be a journey to eliminate.For me the best approach is to start with formulation of the film. In particular you have to formulate for the...

Mar 25, 2015
We generally find hazy film layers near the core while slitting the metallized film rolls of outer d
We generally find hazy film layers near the core while slitting the metallized film rolls of outer diameter more than 1000 mm. This defect appears...

May 09, 2014
Re: We are metalizing Zn/AL film (95/5 %) . I know all temperatures, but i am not gettiing how to relate
In a typical roll-to-roll evaporation process, the vast majority of the heat to the substrate is simply the heat of condensation of the arriving...

View All > The AIMCAL Technical Advisory Panel is a distinguished group of industry consultants selected and approved by the AIMCAL board based on their experience, reputation and contribution to the converting industry. In this resources section you can view their bios and link to their numerous technical resources, some available only to AIMCAL members.
View All > View a list of online technical apps assembled by Professor Steven Abbott. These simple but powerful modeling and calculating tools address needs in a myriad of areas, from adhesion to web handling.

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The Roisum Library is an easily searchable index of over 3,500 articles, books, columns, papers and other written material on web handling and related topics.

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Inertial Roll Alignment for Vacuum Metallizers
Mike Ciocys, Pruftechnik Service, Inc.
From 2011 - Web Coating Conference

Flexible substrates for vacuum coating
Charles A Bishop, C.A.Bishop Consulting Ltd.
From 2012 - Web Coating and Handling Conference USA

Precise Coating with Premetered Die Technology
Maick Nielsen, TSE Troller AG
From 2010 - Fall Technical Conference

View All > Download or purchase the Metallizing Technical Reference, 5th edition. Published by AIMCAL and edited by Dr. Charles A. Bishop and Dr. Eldridge M. Mount III, this is a must have reference.

View All > View this introductory video to vacuum web coating, by the wizard, Dr. Donald McClure of Acuity Consulting & Training.

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Most Recent

Innovation for Technologists
Gregory Smith, ScienceSmith Consulting, Inc. (SSCI)

Telescoping of Wound Rolls
David Roisum, Ph.D., Finishing Technologies, Inc.

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Most Recent

Mark Spaulding photo
The Converting Curmudgeon
Mark A. Spaulding
Charles A. Bishop photo
Vacuum Web Coating
Dr. Charles A. Bishop
Edward D. Cohen photo
Web Coating
Dr. Edward D. Cohen
David Roisum photo
Web Handling & Converting
Dr. David Roisum
Eldridge Mount photo
Substrate Secrets
Dr. Eldridge Mount
Clarence Klassen photo
Drives for Web Handling
Clarence Klassen
View All > Written by one of the world's leading web handling expert and experienced machine designer, Dr. David Roisum, along with a team of specialists, this hands-on book offers a step-by-step approach to investing in, acquiring and starting up web machinery. Download or purchase this must have reference.

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Featured Items

Plastics Technology Handbook, Fourth Edition (Scratch and Dent Sale-slight damage from shipping)
Plastics Technology Handbook, Fourth Edition (Scratch and Dent Sale-slight damage from shipping) – $99.00
by Manas Chanda, Salil K. Roy
List price $179, save 15%!
An established source of information on modern plastics, the Plastics Technology Handbook continues to provide up-to-date coverage on the properties, processing methods, and applications of polymers.

Handbook of Package Engineering
Handbook of Package Engineering – $195.46
by J. F. Hanlon, R. J. Kelsey, H. E. Forcinio
List price $209, save 15%!
New chapter on environmentally-sensitive packaging, enhanced machinery section, expanded material on innovations in plastics.

Web Machine Buying Guide
Web Machine Buying Guide – $140.00
by Dr. David Roisum
List price $175, save 15%!
A hands on step-by-step approach to investing in, acquiring and starting up web machinery, by one of the world's leading web handling experts and machine designers.

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