A major investment in Europe’s capacitor film production

The currently discussed topics power supply, energy transition, renewable and alternative energies, electric mobility and charging infrastructure, industry 4.0 with automatization and digitalization come along with a growing demand for high performance capacitors. Terichem Tervakoski, a.s. is now responding to this with a significant increase of their production capacities. With the investment in a Brückner LISIM line (Linear Motor Simultaneous Stretching) the company will meet the emerging needs for high-end film applications in the field of ultra-thin and ultra-high temperature electronic capacitors. The line will be the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.

Ilkka Penttilä, CEO of Terichem Tervakoski, a.s. says: “Starting in 2025, our significantly increased production capacity will accelerate the green transition as more capacitors are constantly needed to replace old technologies with new CO2-reducing solutions. The new simultaneous technology will also provide the most suitable process for our latest invention, ultra-high temperature film.”

Peter Mertes, Head of Sales Europe, CIS, Maghreb at Brückner Maschinenbau, adds: “This investment will enable our customer to respond to the ever-increasing demand for new high-performance capacitors. The new line is also a logical extension of their current production capacities with an existing Brückner sequential line. We are really proud of this long-standing and innovative partnership with Tervakoski Films Group.”

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