President's Message
2nd Quarter | 2022


Andrew Jack
AIMCAL President of the Board


President's Message

Greetings AIMCAL members, and a warm spring welcome to Q2 2022.

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew Jack of Emerson & Renwick, Ltd. (E+R Group) UK, and I will be taking over the reins as AIMCAL President from our now Past President Dante Ferrari. Dante will be a hard act to follow as he continued the work of other presidents in growing and making our great organization even better. I believe I’m the first European to hold this position, and I do consider myself as European even though I’m British. Hopefully, I will be only the second of many international presidents of AIMCAL, as we continue to expand the association globally. I’ve worked in the flexible-material R2R industry for both suppliers and converters for almost 30 years now and have been actively involved with AIMCAL for over 15 years.

As I write this message, COVID-19 seems to be in retreat and the global economy continues to grow, despite the ongoing “chip” shortage and the seemingly senseless Russian invasion of Ukraine. I hope I speak for everyone when praying for a de-escalation of hostilities and a rapid return to peace in this area. As a consequence of the invasion, oil and gas prices have reached record highs over the last quarter and are another reason why energy costs have soared. Supply-chain disruptions seem to be the topic of the day in many a meeting, with lead times suffering. Raw materials, such as steel and nickel, are achieving record price increases, with many suppliers guaranteeing quoted prices for only 24 hours or less. These increases and extended deliveries are making for very challenging positions for converters and OEMs alike. Current growth opportunities in R2R seem to surround the energy sector, with battery, solar and fuel cell all taking center stage as countries around the globe seek to cement their position in this competitive field.

AIMCAL can help. Economics reports, such as those published in CQ by Dr. Robert Fry and those available in the Member Area of the AIMCAL Website, help to make sense of where the world and major economies are headed, and what it means for our industry. AIMCAL Jobs allows companies to advertise job postings and people in the industry to post their resumes. Members can raise their profile to attract both new customers and suppliers by advertising, posting Member News and posing “Ask AIMCAL” questions. And, of course, there are an almost limitless number of technical resources to draw on in the AIMCAL TV and conference proceedings libraries in the Member Area. Members can increase employee engagement while raising skill levels by participating in online, hybrid or in-person Converting School classes or having employees take the online GAA gravure training and certification program.

AIMCAL also continues to offer great networking, and in-person events are back. It feels great to announce that after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, we will welcome attendees to the 2022 AIMCAL R2R Europe Conference in Valencia, Spain, June 7-9. Please join us for this prestigious event, collaboratively produced with AIMPLAS, as we have both technical presenting and tabletop-exhibiting opportunities available.

To conclude my first message, it is my honor to serve as President. AIMCAL always has been close to my heart, and I’ve enjoyed each and every event I’ve attended. AIMCAL is my “go to” source of information and guidance. I am very open to dialog (and the odd beer) so please feel free to seek me out at any of the up-and-coming events for a chat. I lead an incredibly talented board, all of whom have unique attributes that help bring the ideas required to grow. Add to this the incredible team Executive Director Chris Kerscher has assembled, and we have a perfect formula. I hope you and many others will join me on this exciting journey. I’m looking forward to the next two years.

Your humble servant,

Andy Jack
President of the Board - AIMCAL


AIMCAL R2R Europe to return
to an in-person format


Anticipation is building for an in-person AIMCAL R2R (roll-to-roll) Europe Conference. Scheduled for June 7–9, 2022, at the AIMPLAS Plastics Technology Centre in Valencia, Spain, the event’s agenda includes sessions on Web Coating, Vacuum Web Coating, Gravure Coating & Printing, and Web Handling. Leading consultants and experts from academia and original equipment manufacturers will present best practices and advances related to coating process technology, oriented films, barrier, R2R vacuum technology, system developments, printed electronics, sustainability, strategies for improving productivity, converting technology, new materials and processing developments, monitoring and measurement, coating materials for key market applications, and flexible packaging and materials. The schedule will include tabletop exhibits during evening receptions and other networking opportunities, such as an AIMPLAS facility tour and a guided tour of Valencia. Registration information and conference details may be found on the AIMCAL Website, (click on Conference & Events). Prospective exhibitors should contact AIMCAL Member Outreach Director Tim Janes at 803-948-9469, [email protected].


Roisum to reprise hybrid Converting School
courses on web handling, winding

Dr. David R. Roisum of Finishing Technologies serves as the instructor for the next editions of Web Handling Month and Web Winding Month. The online courses are accessed on-demand each week and conclude each Friday with a two-hour live Zoom session with the instructor. On the final Friday, each participant can schedule a 15-minute private meeting with the instructor.

August 2022 – Web Handling Month participants learn how to: Eliminate wrinkles, baggy webs and apply effective spreading; eliminate winding defects; design and maintain web machinery and control systems; and design web products and processes for more reliable manufacturing.

September 2022 – Web Winding Month participants learn how to: Eliminate winding defects; know whether a defect is manufacturing- or winding-related or both; match winder and settings to product; and design and maintain winding machinery and control systems. Students who meet all course requirements receive a Certificate of Completion. The cost per course is $699 for members and $899 for nonmembers. Visit, click on Education and then Courses.



Plan to participate in AIMCAL R2R USA Conference
Sept 26-29 in Orlando

Proposals for presentations at the annual AIMCAL R2R(roll-to-roll) USA Conference (Sept. 26-29, 2022, in Orlando, FL) may be made on the AIMCAL Website, Registration materials also are available. Click on Conference & Events and select 2022 R2R Conference USA from the drop-down menu. The multi-track agenda includes sessions on Coating & Laminating, Vacuum Web Coating, Web Handling, Adhesives & Coatings, Flexible Packaging, Battery Manufacturing, Flexible Electronics, Sustainability, Market Forecasts, Gravure Coating and Printing. The traditional tabletop exhibit area has been expanded to include 10-by-10-ft exhibits. There also are additional sponsorship opportunities. For more information, contact AIMCAL Member Outreach Director Tim Janes at +1 803-948-9469, [email protected]


AIMCAL Member Referral Program
offers perks and discounts

Referring a new member generates benefits beyond regular AIMCAL membership. Under AIMCAL’s Member Referral Program, a member company that refers another firm receives recognition in a member spotlight, e.g., “AIMCAL welcomes ABC Converting as a new member this month – recommended by John Doe at XYZ Films.”

For each company referred that joins, the person making the referral earns a $100 discount on AIMCAL events (conference, training program, etc.), which can be gifted to a customer.

Credits will be available in individual AIMCAL accounts once a company joins and pays for membership. To ensure credit is received, email any referral to AIMCAL Member Outreach Director Tim Janes at 803-948-9469, [email protected], before the referred company joins.



Registration Opens for ISCST Symposium

The 21st International Coating Science and Technology(ISCST) Symposium will be held Sept. 11-14, 2022, in Minneapolis, MN. Organized by the International Society of Coating Science & Technology and facilitated by AIMCAL, the meeting provides a forum for scientists and engineers to discuss the latest developments and discoveries in the application and solidification of thin liquid films.

A special session on Flexible Electronics will explore continuous and semi-continuous processing of electronic, optoelectronic and energy-storage components on flexible substrates. Other technical sessions will focus on Coating Process Fundamentals, Drying and Curing Fundamentals, Flow and Solidification of Particulate Coatings, Wetting & Adhesion, Coating Technology & Applications, Printing and Discrete Coating and Analytics/Big Data in the Coating Industry.

A tabletop exhibit area will offer opportunities to learn about coating products and services from equipment suppliers, coating services, coating and drying modeling software and instrumentation providers. Learn more:



Apply online for WISE Scholarship

Applications for the new AIMCAL Women in Industry Scholarship for Excellence (WISE) now are available online. The first WISE winners will be announced at the AIMCAL R2R USA Conference (Sept. 26–29 in Orlando, FL).

Intended to help pay down student debt for women employed in the R2R sector, the scholarship recognizes honorees who have overcome significant challenges, invested in STEM degrees and are contributing to the industry.

To support the scholarship program long-term, AIMCAL continues to seek donations from member and nonmember companies and individuals to fund a $100,000 endowment. To donate or apply for a scholarship, click on For more information about WISE or the AIMCAL Women’s Leadership Committee, contact 803-948-9470 or [email protected].


Nine new members enjoy array of benefits

Nine newcomers are enjoying the perks of AIMCAL membership. With membership in AIMCAL, all personnel in the organization receive access to member benefits, such as an individual profile for each employee and access to the online member Community forum, Ask AIMCAL business leads, AIMCAL TV network (more than 230 technical presentations), 10+ years of Conference Proceedings and global market research reports. Other benefits include opportunities for committee involvement, technical training, networking and discounted fees for events. Member companies also are listed in the AIMCAL SourceBook directory and have the opportunity to present live Webinars to the industry.

Heat Technologies, Inc. (Atlanta, GA): Patented Spectra HE™ Ultra technology emphasizes “mass transfer” rather than “heat” in the removal of liquids by “charging the air” with ultrasonic oscillations. This transfers more moisturedefusing energy to the material to evaporate liquids or increase heating or cooling rates. (404-272-9006)

Infinity Tapes (Lawrence, MA): US manufacturer produces double-coated tapes, adhesive-transfer tapes, tamper-evident films and tapes and silicone-coated papers and films, which often serve as release liners. Custom formulations and converting can address any application requirement. (937-765-3951)

J. Josephson, Inc. (South Hackensack, NJ): Commercial wallcovering manufacturer, led by the third generation of the Goodman family, sells to more than 50 countries. A large portfolio of print and emboss rollers offers virtually limitless capability in terms of color and design. (201-440- 7000)

Kohli Industries (Thane, India): Manufacturer and exporter of printing and converting machines for the flexible packaging industry has installed 1,600 machines in 36 countries since its founding in 1972. Options include gravure presses, laminators, extrusion laminators and slitter/ rewinders. (+91-98-2002-9050)

Munich University of Applied Sciences (Munich, Germany): At one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany, students can choose from more than 88 Bachelor and Master degree programs including Paper and Packaging Technology, Print and Media Technology and various engineering disciplines. (+49-89-12650)

Nordson Extrusion Dies LLC (Chippewa Falls, WI): Premier™ and Ultracoat™ slot-die systems dispense singular or multiple thin and uniform coatings in one pass. Proprietary design software adapts the slot die’s flow channel to ensure uniform distribution of fluids within the required thickness tolerance. (715-726-1201)

OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH (Houston, TX): Headquartered in Germany, the company provides optical inspection equipment for quality control and assurance for plastic products. Services include raw-material inspection, surface testing, system integration and turnkey laboratory solutions. (281-723-4275)

Precision AirConvey Corporation (Newark, DE): Trim and matrix removal systems for the label, paper, film and sheet and other industries use high-quality cutters and pneumatic conveying systems to effectively remove trim materials and eliminate costly clogs or breakdowns. (302- 999-8000)

Toppan USA, Inc. (Griffin, GA): First plant outside Japan to produce GL Film started up in March 2016 and relies on Toppan’s coating and vapor-deposition technologies to produce the transparent barrier film. Operation serves Europe as well as North and South America. (770-467- 5938)

Learn about member benefits at (click Membership) or contact AIMCAL Member Outreach Director Tim Janes at 803-948-9469, [email protected].


AIMCAL Women’s Leadership Committee Member Profile:

Ana Lyra

R&D Engineer, Terphane (Bloomfield, NY)

Describe your current line of work and what interests you the most about it:
As an R&D engineer, I work with quite a wide range of activities, from raw materials and machine suppliers to understanding the requirements for each application. Having a clear view of customer needs and working in partnership with the customer from the beginning of the project is a successful recipe. This approach guides us to make the improvements to products and processes and to reach the desired final properties. Interacting with diverse areas is what makes my eyes shine. I’m always learning something new and meeting new people.

What areas of the R2R processing field are the most exciting now and into the future?
Convenience, innovation and sustainability. We are all in a rush to keep up with our professional and personal lives, so a convenient package that saves us time and makes the daily routine easier is a must-have. Lidded trays used for fresh fruits, salads and snacks in individual portions are good examples. The combination of convenience with innovative and sustainable ideas is what the environment needs. An example would be reduced plastic consumption by downgauging, replacing rigid lids with flexible options or using post-consumer recycled resin (PCR).

Did / do you have a female role model or mentor in your career, and what was this experience like?
I was one of the first female engineers to be hired to work in close contact with the operations floor. And I’m very proud to say that our company has been changing in this respect. For a few years now, we already have had a stronger female presence, not only at the lab or at the office, but also with crucial holes in the PET lines and metallizer and coating machines. In my eight years at Terphane, my mentors always have been male. They have never treated me differently because I’m female and always have encouraged me to do my best, to be curious, to use my technical background to make technical decisions and to use common sense to complete analyses. Valuing people is one of Terphane’s values. Not only my leaders, but all Terphane team members treat each other (regardless of gender, religion or color) with the respect a human being deserves.

What career advice can you give to women coming into the field to help assure their success?
Study, work hard and be kind. Study will provide the technical background you need to solve technical problems. It will take time, but if you work hard, people will notice you. If they don’t, make yourself visible, take risks and build from there. Treating people with respect is the minimum, but if you can give a little bit of kindness (maybe a smile, maybe “good morning”), then you will have partners for your projects. Maybe partners for a lifetime.