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For more information on the Web Handling Committee, please contact the committee chair:

Chair: Andy Palmer

Procter & Gamble

[email protected]

Web Handling Committee Paper Submission Guidelines

AIMCAL hosts two Roll to Roll (R2R) conferences annually. These conferences are a valuable resource for anyone who has an interest in R2R processes. Leading consultants, academia and OEMs share best practices, new research and technology. If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming R2R Conference please click here

The Web Handing Committee has identified the following topics of interest for technical papers:  

  • Web manufacturing and converting 
  • Wrinkles and wrinkle prevention 
    • Real world webs: camber, curl, lay-flat 
  • Winding machinery: tension, nip and torque
    • Wound roll mechanics, delivered roll quality
  • Rollers, idlers, spreaders, nips, coatings, and traction 
    • Nip rollers, covers, deflection, load share
    • Laminators and calendars
  • Unwind equipment, brakes, center versus surface driven 
  • Accumulators and festoons: controls and dynamics 
  • Web slitting technology 
  • Web guiding and sensors
  • Drives for web handling – draw, tension and torque
    • Dancers, load cells and dynamics 
    • Calculate or measure diameter
  • Web physical properties – Modulus, Poisson, COF
  • Roll handling, packaging and warehousing
  • Machine Safety – drives, guarding, techniques 

If you would like to make a presentation at an AIMCAL R2R Conference, please complete the online Call for Papers Form. The committee will review all submissions.

Presentations for the Conference are selected upon the following criteria:

  • Applicability to the advancement of the manufacturing process
  • Uniqueness and innovativeness of new technology and its contribution to the industry
  • Value to the technical/production community