Clarence Klassen P.E.

Drives for Web Handling

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The course is given by Clarence Klassen P.E., who has over 30 years of experience in the Pulp and Paper industry, and 10 years of experience as a drives engineer and systems integrator. He brings broad experience from onsite installations and troubleshooting.

Course Description

Web Handling including Winders are among the most complex of drive applications. In this new course learn about the importance of tension control to winding quality rolls. There are a number of options available for tension control. Learn about:

  • Selecting a drive for web handling applications

  • Ac and Dc drives

  • Load cell vs. dancer vs. open loop control of tension

  • Power requirements (actual vs. motor rating)

  • Tension Loop Control Block Diagrams

  • Drive functions for Turret Winders

  • Tuning your drives and tension loops

  • Troubleshoot tension issues

  • Drive safety (guard interlocks and E-Stop)

  • Knowing if your project is in trouble

The course is general and applicable to any brand of drive. Limited high school mathematics is presented, but emphasis is on description of the controls. This course does not cover university level control theory (e.g., Bode, Nyquist, etc.).

Course Outline

Web Handling Tension Sections

  • Introduction to Web Handling - What is Web Handling?

  • Web Handling View of Tension

  • Drive Control Strategies

  • Drive Control Considerations - Feed Forward, Inertia Compensation, Friction, no-web load torques, backlash

  • DC, AC, AC Vector, Servo

  • Hmi's - What should be displayed and how?

  • Drive Tuning - With On Screen Simulation

Web Handling Control Block Diagram Sections

  • Why Use Control Block Diagrams

  • Diameter Calculator

  • Load Cells into the Torque Regulator

  • Load Cells into the Speed Regulator

  • Dancer Position Regulator

  • Starting Conditions - Payout and Takeup, Thread, Stall Tension

Bonus Materials Sections

  • Rollers, Bowed Spreader Rolls, Nips, Coating

  • Mechanical Brakes, Clutches

  • Automation - Turret Winders

  • Safety - Electrical

  • Safety - Guard Interlocks

  • Safety - Emergency Stop

  • Knowing if your Winder Project is in Trouble