Dr. Kenneth McCarthy

Solution Preparation & Mixing

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The course is given by Dr. Kenneth McCarthy has over 35 years of experience, primarily related to coating. His areas of expertise include coating fluid mix preparation and delivery, coating operations, clean room operations, coating applicator design, environmental management, and new product development.

Course Description

This course is aimed at developing skills to understand and improve many aspects of coating solution preparation and delivery to the coating line. Students will be shown the significant parameters for efficient mixing and how they can be used to estimate mixing time. Also, this course will demonstrate that the properties of the coating solution have a critical effect on the uniform and reproducible application of a coating. We will discuss in a practical way how these solution properties also affect physical defects, coater operability, drying, and surface features of the coated product. Manufacturing the best coating solution possible is critical, since the web coater cannot correct defects resident in the original solution. Scores of classroom attendees have benefited from this course.

Course Outline

Session 1

  • Introduction to course, instructors, background information

  • Web Coating Process Overview

  • Fluid Handling Basic Information

  • Solution Preparation - Raw Materials

  • Solution Preparation - Guidelines For How To Put A Solution Together

  • Solution Preparation - Surfactants And Their Effect On Solution Stability

  • Solution Preparation - Other Formulation Additives

  • Mixing - Important Parameters and Their Relationship

  • Mixing - Estimation and Measurements of Mix Time

Session 2

  • Mixing - Calculating Mix Time for an Existing Fluid, Vessel, and Impeller in the Turbulent and Transitional Regime

  • Mixing - Requirements in the Laminar Regime

  • Mixing - Estimating Mix Time for a New Fluid, Vessel, and/or Impeller from Properties

  • Mixing - Types of Impellers

  • Importance of Solution Properties

  • Characterization of a Coating Solution by Fluid Properties

  • Questions, Comments, Close Day1

Session 3

  • Questions from Day1, Introduction to Day 2

  • Fundamental cause of solution instability

  • Solution substrate interactions

  • On-Line Solution Instrumentation

  • Coater Feed Systems

  • Flow Meters

  • Solution Recycling

  • Filtration

Session 4

  • Debubbling

  • Cleaning

  • Defect Characterization Techniques

  • Defects due to Solution (Surface tension induced flow post coating)

  • Scale-up: Lab to Plant

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Practical Information for Solution Preparation

  • Questions, Questions from Previous day, Conclusions, Discussion