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The Converting School Online Courses provide the opportunity for you to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. Each course provides chapter by chapter system that allows you to learn on a step-by-step basis from industry leading experts. Quizzes are provided for you to test your knowledge of a given topic and certification is distributed upon completion of a course. To learn more or sign up, select a course below.
Course Name Duration Description
Web Handling and Converting 10.5 Hours

 Whether you make, convert or use webs; you must know web handling. Find out how to:

  • Eliminate wrinkles, baggy webs and apply effective spreading
  • Eliminate winding defects
  • Design and maintain web machinery, especially rollers
  • Design and maintain control systems for tension, nip, guiding and more
  • Design web products and processes for more reliable manufacturing
  • Troubleshoot a variety of web, web handling and converting issues
  • Understand why the web world does what it does

Find out why more than 3,000 students have signed up for this premier instruction.

Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition onto Flexible Substrates 17 Hours

This course provides a rounded view of roll-to-roll vacuum deposition. This course will help operators better understand vacuum deposition and help them to understand where and how improvements might be made. This course covers:

  • Vacuums, gauges, and pumps
  • Process diagnostic and control, leak testing, and troubleshooting
  • Substrates, coating quality, pre-treatments, planarisation, and post deposition coatings
  • Managing substrates and heat through the deposition process
  • Deposition sources, including resistance heated evaporation sources, electron beam evaporation sources, magnetron sputtering and chemical vapor deposition
  • Pattern metallization, system design considerations, including system cleaning and preparation, and hazards
Adhesion and Adhesives for Converters 7 Hours

This course explores adhesion by looking at the forces that hold things together (surface energy, chemical adhesion, "nail adhesion", entanglement), the forces that separate them (vertical pull and horizontal crack propagation), and factors that can enhance or undermine adhesion in the long term.

By recognizing these factors and gaining a set of practical tools, those who have completed this course will be able to make an incisive contribution to practical problem solving in the lab and in production.

Drives for Web Handling 10.5 Hours

Web Handling, including Winders, are among the most complex of drive applications. This course covers the importance of tension control when winding quality rolls. Learn about:

  • Selecting a drive for web handling applications
  • Ac and dc drives
  • Load cell vs. dancer vs. open loop control of tension
  • Power requirements (actual vs. motor rating)
  • Tension Loop Control Block Diagrams
  • Drive functions for Turret Winders
  • Tuning your drives and tension loops
  • Troubleshoot tension issues
  • Drive safety (guard interlocks and E-Stop)
  • Knowing if your project is in trouble
  • The course is general and applicable to any brand of drive.
Web Slitting Technology 7 Hours

This course presents various web slitting methods and technical information intended to expand learner understanding of the slitting process. This course covers:

  • Details of knife operating forces and their influence on flexible webs
  • Knives and knife holders
  • Knife metallurgy
  • Adhesive slitting options 
Winding: Machines, Mechanics and Measurements 9 Hours

Whether you make, convert or use webs; you must know web handling. Find out how to:

  • Eliminate winding defects
  • Know whether your defect is manufacturing or winding related or both
  • Select and use the proper type of winder and settings for your product
  • Design and maintain winding machinery
  • Design and maintain winder control systems for tension, nip and torque
  • Design and manufacture webs for more reliable winding
  • Troubleshoot a variety of web, winding and operational issues
  • Understand why the winding world does what it does

Bring your web handling problems to class, leave with solutions. Find out why thousands of students have signed up for Dr. Roisum's courses.

Solution Preparation & Mixing 9.5 Hours

This course is aimed at developing skills to understand and improve many aspects of coating solution preparation and delivery to the coating line. Students will be shown the significant parameters for efficient mixing and how they can be used to estimate mixing time. Also, this course will demonstrate that the properties of the coating solution have a critical effect on the uniform and reproducible application of a coating. We will discuss in a practical way how these solution properties also affect physical defects, coater operability, drying, and surface features of the coated product. Manufacturing the best coating solution possible is critical, since the web coater cannot correct defects resident in the original solution. Scores of classroom attendees have benefited from this course.


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