Web Handling Essentials

Tuesday, June 7th | Additional Fee at Registration 

Short Course Presented by

Dr. Dilwyn P. Jones, Emral Ltd, UK

Web Handling Essentials

Web Handling is the science and technology of moving substrate webs through machines, common to all roll-to-roll processes such as coating, printing, drying and laminating. The same principles apply to plastic film, paper, metal foil, non-wovens, textiles and other materials, in converting operations and their initial manufacture. Successful web handling preserves product value by avoiding defects and other losses, and accommodates web imperfections and variations.

In addition to mechanics of web deformation behaviour and machine operation, web handling draws on electrical and control engineering, friction and air lubrication (tribology).  A knowledge of web handling is needed by engineers, the production team, product developers, machine builders and managers. However, that knowledge rarely features strongly in academic or technical education, and many come to it from a more general science or industry background.

This course is designed to give an introduction and orientation to non-specialists who need to know more about web handling. It will include a guide to finding further information and learning about the topics in depth. It should be useful for those specifying, building, setting up, running and upgrading machines; troubleshooting web defects; introducing new processes and products; and improving productivity.

It will cover material properties and imperfections such as bagginess and curl; control of tension and lateral position; unwinding and winding; rollers, nips and other components; causes and solutions for web and roll defects such as wrinkles, scratches, telescoping and blocking.  SI Units will be used for simple example calculations. A few key equations will be presented but advanced mathematics will not be required.

The instructor is Dr. Dilwyn P Jones, who nearly 40 years’ experience of web handling and winding.  He has presented courses in-house to several companies Europe-wide, as well as through AIMCAL at conferences and schools since 2004.  He consults on web handling, plastic film technology and applications, and maintains a keen interest in scientific progress in the area, especially modelling.  He is a regular presenter at Web Handling conferences, and a member of the AIMCAL Web Handling Committee.


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