AIMCAL Hall of Honor

AIMCAL would like to thank those who have been nominated for having a significant impact on our industry. Thank you for the hard work and dedication.


What is the AIMCAL Hall of Honor?


The AIMCAL Hall of Honor brings together some of the most innovative and influential names in the R2R web-processing and converting industry. Thanks to the leadership and knowledge provided by this esteemed list of individuals, the industry has been able to adapt and grow over many years of constant advancements. We encourage you to submit nominations for others in the industry that may fit the qualifications detailed in our submission form to continue growing this list of honored individuals. 







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We encourage anyone who may have nominations for the AIMCAL Hall of Honor to do so at any time. Nominations are voted on and announced once a year during the AIMCAL Annual Business Meeting. 


Deadline for considerations is January 31, 2022


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Hall of Honor Inductees

Dr. Charles A. Bishop

Class of 2020

Dr. Edward D. Cohen

Class of 2020

Chuck Larsen

Class of 2020

Dr. Eldridge Mount

Class of 2020

Craig Sheppard

Class of 2020