Unwinds – Overview & Case Studies Week | August 2021

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Unwinds - Overview & Case Studies | August 23 - 27, 2021
(Note: This has been cancelled in August - We are planning a future date in the fall)

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Converting School Week - Online Course with Live Instructor Every Day for One Week!
1 Week Course from August 23 - 27, 2021 | Live Online Course from 11am - 1pm EDT Each Day,
BONUS: Final Class includes Private, 1-on-1 Meeting with Instructor

Course Instructor:

- Neal Michal  -

Neal Michal of Converting Expert, LLC is a well-known authority in web handling, process design and optimization. He has provided technical assistance to hundreds of material suppliers and converting customers to solve the most difficult problems. He is the author of two patents, five proprietary books and has provided training to over 1,000 students. Converting Expert, LLC has led the design of unwinds, accumulators, slitters, spoolers, winders, roll handing, and packaging. Recent highlights include the startup of a surgical grade meltblown process and increasing hospital gown production by 60%.

Neal serves as a Technical Advisor to AIMCAL and is a founding member and Co-Chair of the AIMCAL Web Handling Committee.

Course Description

Unwinds - Overview & Case Studies

Unwinds are ubiquitous in roll to roll (R2R) and continuous processes. Reliable splices are key to optimizing cost, productivity and delivered quality to your customer. Unwinds face many challenges:

- Any roll eccentricity or flat spots will cause tension disturbances and lateral shift after a splice.

     - Poor tension control results in wrinkles, width changes, or web breaks. 

     - Lateral shift results in loss of effective width to your customer.

- The quality of the web will degrade due to aging effects in the wound roll.  Floppy edges, baggy lanes and web camber are known causes of wrinkles.

- The type of splice selected will directly impact cycle time and the lateral behavior of the web directly after a splice.

This course will describe commercially available unwinds and splice types with their associated benefits and challenges. The selection of components and how they are used will determine how tension is generated and controlled. The man-machine interface and the safety environment of loading and operating an unwind will be presented. The unique challenges associated with turret unwinds and accumulators will be discussed. A dozen real world case studies will highlight how to optimize any unwind process. This course will benefit those who operate, optimize, and select unwinds. 

This is an online course that will be presented as Live Online Classes (2-hours, each day for 1 week) with Live Instructor with the class. Live Instructor online every day from 11:00am - 1:00pm EDT (in our Converting School Course Online Platform). On Friday, participants can schedule private sessions in which individual participants can discuss their specific questions with the instructor for a 15-minute private meeting. 

Course Outline

Join other participants every day for 1 week with Live Classes with the instructor. You will receive a login link via email for the courses and Live Sessions a week before the course begins.

Unwinds - Overview & Case Studies Course:

Monday, August 23:

  • Why Unwind?
  • Unique challenges that Unwinds face
  • Overview of Unwind types
  • Overview of splice types
Tuesday, August 24:
  • Tensioning
  • Importance of tension
  • How is tension generated and controlled?
  • Impact on component selection and control method
Wednesday, August 25:
  • Safety environment              
  • Man-machine interface
  • Cycle times
  • Roll handling & loading
  • Turret unwinds
  • Accumulators
Thursday, August 26:
  • Real world case studies
  • Summary and Conclusions

BONUS: Friday, August 27:
Participants discuss their specific questions or concerns with the instructor in private, 1-on-1 meetings.
Signup form will be completed during week to schedule specific time slots.

Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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