DUNMORE Appoints Gabe Maxwell as Director of Sales & Marketing

Dunmore, a Steel Partners company, today named Gabe Maxwell as the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Maxwell’s twenty plus years of commercial experience and his leadership of numerous sales and marketing teams makes him the ideal fit for Dunmore.

Early on in Maxwell’s career he excelled in various sales and marketing roles. Working with customers and helping them succeed, as well as developing the right products for the market became his guiding principles. During his time at Arlon, Maxwell ran product management for the digital print product line and was later promoted to the position of Director of Marketing of Arlon’s industrial tapes line. He played an integral role in developing new product lines that positioned the company for growth and now accounts for the majority total revenue of the organization.

After his early successes, Maxwell progressed to leading sales teams and developing strategic growth initiatives at various organizations in the technology sector including EnGenius Technologies and Monoprice. During this time he developed critical team building skills that have resulted in high performance sales and marketing teams. He also successfully implemented new business development processes and re-oriented corporate strategies that put the customer first.

Maxwell will continue to build on his track record of successfully growing companies with this new chapter at Dunmore. These goals will be achieved by building highly effective sales, marketing, and R&D teams that will be focused on high growth markets and applications.

“I am excited to take on new challenges and opportunities at Dunmore. With a focused vision supported by a strong technical and sales team, I am confident that Dunmore’s growth goals will be achieved,” according to Gabe Maxwell, Director of Sales & Marketing.