SEI Laser Converting collaborates with Vetaphone for surface-treatment systems

Based in Buja, Italy, SEI Laser Converting is part of the international SEI Group and has installed more than 7,000 machines in 53 countries around the world since it was established in 1982.  Engaged in a variety of markets from automotive to packaging, the Group prides itself on its ability to offer innovative solutions that help its customers to attract new business.

PHOTO: Vetaphone’s Giuseppe Rossi with SEI Laser Converting’s Purchasing Manager Raffaella Copetti at the company’s plant in Buja (Italy) where Labelmaster machines are fitted with Vetaphone corona treaters.

Its involvement with manufacturing technology for the label and flexible packaging sectors brought SEI Laser Converting into contact with Vetaphone back in 2010 when it developed its narrow-web, laser-diecutting capability into a fully modular converting line known as the Labelmaster for roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet applications.

The Labelmaster series, which is available in 350-mm and 600-mm web widths, is a high-performance system for the self-adhesive label converters involved in production for the food and beverage, wine, beauty, healthcare, textile, and industrial sectors.  In addition, flexible packaging, anti-counterfeiting, and promotional work are growing areas of importance, with the Labelmaster machines’ ability to work with substrates from paper and carton to plastic films and foils.

According to Raffaella Copetti, purchasing mgr.-Buja site: “It was our entry into the film and foil area that first alerted us to the need for surface treatment, and after extensive market research, we identified Vetaphone as our preferred supplier.”  Renowned as the inventors of what is known globally as corona treatment, Vetaphone has a unique knowledge bank relating to all types of polymer-based materials and invests heavily in R&D to ensure that its technology keeps pace with the rapidly changing demands of today’s packaging market.

In fact, it was Vetaphone’s attention to detail on each customer job that appealed to SEI, whose business philosophy is closely aligned.  The modular concept of the Labelmaster makes it highly adaptable to individual customer requirements with the benefit that it can be reconfigured after installation to cope with changes in market demand.  According to Giuseppe Rossi, Vetaphone sales mgr.-Italy: “This sits well with our technology, because Vetaphone corona systems can be finely tuned to meet the specific demands of different substrates and they are also upgradeable as the need arises.”

In today’s competitive packaging market, the Labelmaster’s QR/Barcode reader allows job changes on the fly for maximum productivity.  With laser die cutting now a well-proven industrial process, SEI Laser Converting offers the most efficient digital business model with web to label, web to sticker, and web to flexible packaging.  In this fast-turnaround environment it is essential to have accurate control of all elements and guaranteed reliability.  “We have nothing but praise for the way in which Vetaphone works with us on all of our projects, and only positive feedback from our customers on the reliable performance of their corona systems,” adds Raffaella Copetti.

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