Vietnamese label printer improves corona quality with Vetaphone treater on BOBST in-line, narrow-web press

Nam Viet Barcode has established a high-quality reputation in the Vietnamese market since it was created by its General Director Tran Hoai Nhan in 2008. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, with additional offices in Thu Dau Mot City and Bac Ninh City, as well as Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the company started out as an import and trading company for barcode-printing materials in both the industrial and non-industrial sectors. 

PHOTO: (left to right) Nam Viet Production Manager Mr Sang, Vetaphone agent Mr Nguyen (Song Song), Nam Viet Technical Manager Mr Duc, and Vetaphone Sales Manager for Asia Mr Selenka.

Through constant development and innovation in search of new markets, Nam Viet Barcode is now acknowledged as one of the top suppliers of TTR thermal transfer ink, TTO ink, Hot Foil, and Cold Foil labels in Vietnam. Its current focus is investing in technology for the label-printing sector that uses modern flexographic presses to meet the demand for high-quality printing products in market.

And it was this quest for top quality that first brought Vetaphone technology to the attention of Nhan, whose Bobst narrow-web press, installed in 2020, came with a Vetaphone corona treater as part of its original specification. So well did the Vetaphone unit perform, that when the company began to encounter issues with an older corona unit on one of its other presses, it chose to replace it with a Vetaphone supplied by Nguyễn Anh Tú of Song Song Co., Ltd., the Vetaphone agent in Vietnam.

Nhan explains, “The Vetaphone unit has always performed well on the Bobst, and we cannot afford to have a press out of production because an ancillary process fails, which happened on our older machine. It was an easy choice for us to make to replace the corona treater that was failing with a Vetaphone unit, and we can now produce top-quality print products from both presses.”

With a variety of substrates being processed at Nam Viet Barcode, including OPP and PET, the company appreciates the fine control of corona treatment that the Vetaphone units and iCorona generators offer. Holger Selenka, Vetaphone sales mgr.-Asia, adds, “Far from setting and forgetting, a corona treater can be finely tuned for a variety of variables such as press speed, substrate thickness, and any downstream processing requirements, among others. It's Vetaphone’s unique and patented technology that gives it this unrivaled capability and offers its users a significant advantage over their competition.”

Today, Nam Viet Barcode is a flourishing business that employs more than 100 people in its 22,000-sq-ft headquarters and production facility. With an ongoing commitment to improve quality and productivity to satisfy its customers’ demands, the choice of Vetaphone could not have come at a better time. As the company looks to diversify its product portfolio, it will be invaluable to know that this ancillary process can be relied upon.