AIMCAL R2R Europe: Review of presentations - Day One

By Clarence Klassen, P. Eng.

This year, the AIMCAL Roll to Roll (R2R) Europe Conference was held near Valencia, Spain. On arrival on June 7, we toured the AIMPLAS laboratory. AIMPLAS is a research institute and laboratory dedicated to testing new webs, web production, converting, printing, and laminating. Pilot machines and lab equipment are used for testing new web products. Emphasis is given to printed electronics and the recycling of webs and coatings.

This was followed by a Welcome Reception with delicious tapas. It was good to meet old acquaintances in the industry as well as several newer attendees.

2022 AIMCAL R2R  Europe Day One Keynote

The Day One keynote was presented by Wolfgang Mildner, president of MSWtech. This was a discussion on the printing of flexible-electronics displays and HMIs. We are beginning to see actual products in automotive, healthcare, and packaging. The work is challenging, requiring collaboration with partners and the need for flexibility.

The day consisted of many expert presentations, ending with a guided walking tour of Old Valencia and a delicious dinner of tapas and paella.

Andrea Glawe of KROENERT gave the first talk: Tailored R2R Machinery Concepts for Printed and Large Area Electronic. She discussed printing methods for OPV, NFC, RFID, and the many printing options requiring consideration for a new product.

Joaquin Castan of AIMPLAS presented Printed Electronics and Plastronics, A Combination of High Added Value. This discussed work at AIMPLAS in testing and verifying processes for printing electronics.

John Topping of Power Roll presented a 20-meter-long roll of plastic web engraved with groves filled with semiconductors to produce photovoltaics. His entertaining presentation was called Microgroove Structures for Electrical Applications.

Neil Morrison of Applied Materials presented High Performance ALOx Thin Films for Next Generation Sustainable Packaging. This talk covered new work on thinner barriers, permitting easier recycling of packaging and the equipment needed to produce these materials. 

Kalle Niiranen of Beneq presented Atomic Layer Deposition for Batteries. This technology for depositing single or double atomic layers on a web was described. Printers can now deposit multiple single layers from one drum.