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Adhesives Technology Handbook, 2nd Edition
by Arthur Landrock, Edited by Sina Ebnesajjad
List price $195, save 15%!
The second edition of Adhesives Technology Handbook is a complete and practical guidebook for selecting adhesives, joining various materials and testing bonds.
Price:   $165.75
AIMCAL Metallizing Technical Reference 5th Edition
Published by AIMCAL
Price:   $99.00
Coated and Laminated Textiles
by Walter Fung
List price $229.95, save 15%!
Coating and laminating processes are widely used to improve and modify the physical properties and appearance of fabric.
Price:   $212.46
Coatings of Polymers and Plastics
by Rose A. Ryntz, Philip V. Yaneff
List price $199.95, save 15%!
This book examines materials selection, processing mechanics, process selection, molding, and performance and durability assessments.
Price:   $178.46
Coatings Technology Handbook, Third Edition
by Arthur A. Tracton
List price $229.95, save 15%!
Completely revised and updated, containing 14 new chapters.
Price:   $203.96
Corrosion-resistant Linings and Coatings
by Philip A. Schweitzer
List price $129.95, save 15%!
This book covers a variety of specific coatings and solid sheet and liquid applied linings
Price:   $178.46
Critical Thinking in Converting: A Guide to Industrial Problem-Solving
by David R. Roisum
List price $121.00, save 33%!
This book offers a unique insight into the mental processes which are most effective in troubleshooting practical process problems.
Price:   $81.00
Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning
by Rajiv Kohli, K. L. Mittal
List price $295, save 15%!
This amply illustrated and referenced book addresses the sources, detection, characterization and removal of surface contaminants.
Price:   $250.75
Diffusion Processes in Advanced Technological Materials
by Devendra Guptal
List price $185, save 15%!
Internationally recognized experts document diffusion processes and various other properties operative in advanced technological materials.
Price:   $157.25
Film Properties of Plastics and Elastomers
by Liesl K. Massey
List price $299, save 15%!
The only data handbook available on the engineering properties of commercial polymeric films, a ready reference for comparing materials in like and different families.
Price:   $254.15
Handbook of Chemical Vapor Deposition
by Hugh O. Pierson
List price $180, save 15%!
A clear, objective and systematic assessment of CVD. Includes an examination of the theory of the process and description of the major CVD chemicals and reactions.
Price:   $153.00
Handbook of Deposition Technologies for Films and Coatings, 2nd Ed.
by Rointan Framroze Bunshah
List price $230, save 15%!
The entire volume has been extensively revised and contains 50% or more new material. Five entirely new chapters have been added.
Price:   $195.50
Handbook of Ellipsometry
by Harland G. Tompkins, Eugene A. Irene
List price $260, save 15%!
The Handbook of Ellipsometry provides the foundational knowledge for the application of ellipsometry in leading developments of nanotechnology instrumentation, integrated circuits, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.
Price:   $221.00
Handbook of Hard Coatings
by Rointan F. Bunshah
List price $185, save 15%!
A guide to the technology and applications of hard coatings for materials science engineers and technicians, plant personnel, students.
Price:   $157.25
Handbook of Ion Beam Processing Technology
by J. J. Cuomo, S. M. Rossnagel, H. R. Kaufman
List price $170, save 15%!
Deals with ion beam processing for basic sputter etching of samples, sputter deposition of thin films, the synthesis of material in thin film form, and the modification of the properties of thin films.
Price:   $144.50
Handbook of Package Engineering
by J. F. Hanlon, R. J. Kelsey, H. E. Forcinio
List price $209, save 15%!
New chapter on environmentally-sensitive packaging, enhanced machinery section, expanded material on innovations in plastics.
Price:   $195.46
Handbook of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Processing
by D. M. Mattox
List price $249, save 15%!
This book covers all aspects of physical vapor deposition (PVD) process technology from the characterizing and preparing the substrate material, through deposition processing and film characterization, to post-deposition processing.
Price:   $211.65
Handbook of Plasma Processing Technology
by S. M. Rossnagel, J. J. Cuomo, W. D. Westwood
List price $140, save 15%!
This is a comprehensive overview of the technology of plasma-based processing, written by an outstanding group of 29 contributors.
Price:   $119.00
Handbook of Sputter Deposition Technology
by Kiyotaka Wasa, Shigeru Hayakawa
List price $140, save 15%!
A concise, comprehensive overview of sputter deposition technology, a key technology for materials research in the next decade.
Price:   $119.00

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