Gravure Basics an overview of the gravure process

Gravure Basics an overview of the gravure process
The Gravure Basics course was created for those new to the Gravure industry who needs an overview to make them familiar with the market segments, terms and equipment used in the Gravure Process. It is comprised of 13 videos (8-1/2hours), quizzes and reference material downloads. The videos are presentation from Gravure Industry experts recorded from current webinars. In addition to the videos there are downloadable reference materials that includes the speakers bio’s and contact information. The first video is an overview of the gravure process and industry and it touches many of the topics specific to the other videos. There is a quiz after each of the Gravure Basics Webinar Videos. The quizzes are to help reinforce to information presented and after all course elements have been completed a Certificate of Completion is awarded to the student.

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