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EAA Film, 3702.96.0000
EAA film: 1 mil thick, 3” x 72 yds, Core diam 3”, Treated Outside, No Slip
International Converting Quarterly subscription
Converting Quarterly magazine annual subscription for those located outside of the United States and Canada.
Metal Adhesion Test Kit
The test kit contains 2 rolls of 3M tape #610 (3919.10.1050), 2 rolls of EAA film (3702.96.0000) and an AIMCAL Metallizing Technical Reference (4901.99.0092). The test kit contains enough materials to do at least 100 tests as described in the Metallizing Technical Reference (TP-105-92).
AIMCAL Metallizing Technical Ref 5th Edition, 4901.99.0092
AIMCAL Metallizing Technical /reference 5th Edition
Plastics Technology Handbook, Fourth Edition
Manas Chanda, Salil Roy
Because the field of plastics is one of the fastest changing areas today, the need arises to offer relevant, comprehensive material on polymers. An established source of information on modern plastics, the Plastics Technology Handbook continues to provide up-to-date coverage on the properties, processing methods, and applications of polymers. Retaining the easy-to-follow structure of the previous editions, this fourth edition includes new topics of... Details
Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings
Charles Bishop
Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings is a practical guide, providing the reader with basic information to help them understand what is necessary in order to produce a good barrier coated web or to improve the quality of an existing barrier product. Keeping mathematics to a minimum, the terminology and science is introduced, and includes descriptions about barrier testing methods and the vacuum deposition process. The book looks at the whole process... Details
International SourceBook subscription
AIMCAL 2020/2021 SourceBook for those located outside of the United States and Canada
Winding: Machines, Mechanics and Measurement
David Roisum
Complete guide to all winder mechanical arrangements and control stategies; Practical and theoretical know-how for predicting and avoiding roll defects; Quantitative techniques for measuring and improving roll quality; Accompanying CD-ROM provides computer models for many winding situations.
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